Why You Have That Awful Knee Pain

Why You Have That Awful Knee Pain

Hear from a physiotherapist and exercise physiologist how to get rid of and prevent knee pain for good.

Here, a licensed physical therapist, board certified athletic trainer, and exercise physiologist Scott Weiss explains six common causes of knee pain along with the signs, symptoms and tips on how to get rid of knee for each.

Another sign: If you move or flex the knee, the pain in the area will increase.

How to get rid of knee pain: By resting and applying ice to the knee, you can reduce the inflammation and so relieve the pain.

If you don't normally experience knee pain but start during your workout at some point, please check your form.

How to get rid of knee pain: Extend the muscle involved and perform AROM exercises that are not weight-bearing.

Example: sit on a chair, raise your knee to your chest, release it, and repeat it with the other knee;

Meniscal injuries are among the most common causes of active people's knee pain and may occur during any activity in which you forcefully twist or rotate the knee.

Symptoms include clicking deep inside the knee, popping or snapping.

How to get rid of the knee pain: Ice it immediately after a suspected meniscus injury.

Once given the right thing to exercise, reinforce and stabilize the knee by raising the standing leg, hamstring curls, and raising the heel.

How to get rid of pain in the knee: RICE is in order: rest, ice, compression and uplift.

Straining or tearing a muscle around the knee joint will cause pain in that area and usually will call attention to a specific spot on the muscle belly or musculotendinous junction.

If the hamstrings, groin, or quads are pulled or strained, this will most likely cause pain around the knee.

The cartilage that covers the long bones gets worn away over time, causing pain deep within the knee.

How to get rid of knee pain: Heat or contrast bath, aquatic therapy, and gentle range of motion exercises are the treatments of choice for any joint arthritis.

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