What to do if your knees hurt when trail running

What to do if your knees hurt when trail running

Pain in your knees is common when running, and can mean a lot of different things.

So listen to advice and make sure you don't get it worse and end up being unable to run for months.

Runner's knee generally refers to knee pain but one of many things can mean it.

If your IT band, the fascia that runs up your leg outside, gets inflamed it might be pulling your knee outside.

Runner's knee may be torn cartilage or an ACL, both of which are more severe and require medical care.

For runners, especially beginners, the most common mistake is to go too much running.

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Two common causes of knee pain are either your muscles are too weak so your joints have undue load, or one leg is stronger than the other so that it compensates.

Hire a coach or head to a running shop or physiotherapist having an analysis of the gait.

If you're over striding, landing outside or inside your foot, leaning too far forward, running downhill incorrectly or having some other underlying issue, they can tell you.

Hong Kong guru shoes on picking the best running shoes.

Speaking of the shoes, when did you replace yours last time?

If you get knee pain, it may be because you're running with worn tread in old, compressed shoes.

A new pair can go a long way to fix knee pain, or prevent it.

There's a tribe of running enthusiasts swearing out by running barefoot.

Their logic is that we have evolved to run barefoot, and it would be there if we needed a huge cushion, rather than having to strap it on via a shoe.

The cushion lets you run incorrectly, causing injuries over time.

If you think it's for you to run barefoot and solve your knee problems, read all of the material and watch as many YouTube videos as you can, then start slow.

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