The Pandemic Is Stressing Your Body in New Ways

The Pandemic Is Stressing Your Body in New Ways

4 June 2020, 5:00 hrs.

ET.If you feel a little off in ways that you're pretty sure isn't the result of having Covid-19, you're not alone.

"Adults complain about things like headaches, tiredness, just a general sense of unwellness," said Dr Goodykoontz.

Penn Medicine OnDemand Virtual Care's medical director Krisda Chaiyachati said he's seen an increase in chest pains, tingling feelings and stomach problems.

These unusual physical feelings can also be incredibly alarming for "someone who typically doesn't have headaches or chest pains," said Dr. Goodykoontz.

"When we begin to feel stressed or anxious, it sends in our bodies chemicals and hormones," said Katherine Pannel, an osteopathic psychiatrist and medical director for the Right Track Medical Group in Oxford, Miss. When stressed, your body produces and releases epinephrine, also known as adrenaline.

"Our bodies take that and shun all the blood in our bodies towards our main vital organs, like the brain and the heart, we need to survive," Dr. Pannel said.

Also the feelings of pleasure and desire can be shut off when we are stressed.

"If we're anxious and stressed, that's just not there," she said. "You might feel sick to your stomach. You might feel sweaty and tingly. When stressed, our bodies are very much in tune with our minds."

Researchers from Singapore, the U.S. and Switzerland studied 37 men undergoing six weeks of combat training for the Singapore Armed Forces in 2013 and found that training resulted in high levels of stress, anxiety, depression - and gastrointestinal problems.

Mark S. Riddle, a Doctor of Public Health and Associate Dean of Clinical Research at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine, sees parallels between those findings and what he is seeing right now: persistent stress is dampening plumbing by people.

Since the symptoms are the same, the best way to tell whether your stomach disorders are caused by stress or a change in diet and exercise is to either call a doctor or review any changes that you have made to both.

This is most likely due to hormonal changes that are prompted by stress in our bodies.

"People feel their hair is, what it can be, a reflection of their health," she said.

If you can't figure out whether stress or something else is causing what you're experiencing, a physician can help.

A doctor may also guide you on what to do to help cope with stress if you feel these new symptoms are related to stress - remedies such as exercise, meditation or therapy.

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