Everything You Need To Know About Fascia

Everything You Need To Know About Fascia

For years, scientists researching pain, movement, and recovery had no interest in the weblike tissue known as fascia, which coats your muscles, nerves, and organs.

Researchers-and savvy trainers-now view something called fascia as your secret weapon both in and out of the gym.

"Fascia is one of the most important and pervasive systems, because it connects every system together," says Rebecca Pratt, Ph.D., a professor of anatomy at Oakland University.

If you've ever foam rolled, or if you use a Theragun, or if you've tried scraping therapy, then you've been treating your fascia, even if you didn't realize it.

If you want to take that treatment to the next level and really eliminate muscle pain and soreness, then you need to know how your fascia works.

Fascia covers every muscle in your body, and when it tightens in the wrong places, it causes pain.

Fibers on healthy muscles and fascia all run in the same direction; when they crisscross, they bunch up even more and can pull and tug at joints.

Headaches, How Fascia's Involved: Blame your desk job: That stabbing pain at your temples is often related to cranky neck fascia.

A Lack of Athleticism How Fascia's Involved: Contrary to what your body tells you some days, your days as a terrific athlete may not be long gone.

The springiness of fascia is the driving force that allows kangaroos to make 30-foot leaps.

Your Move: Forget fixing your fascia and actually strengthen it.


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